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Satellite Imaging Corporation
A commercial company specializing in the acquisition and processing of remotely sensed imagery.
Global Land Cover Facility (GLCF), University of Maryland
A comprehensive source of remote sensing data this site features free downloadable Landsat ETM, TM, MSS and mosaic data for most of the world. Landsat holdings include Earthsat orthorectified imagery. The GLCF also hosts a variety of derived products including AVHRR and MODIS derived global land cover and continuous fields data layers. The web site offers an interactive map display with several variables for data searching.
Tropical Rain Forest Information Center, Michigan State University
Remote sensing data source with a focus on forests. TRIFC offers archived landsat images at low cost, usually $25 for TM and $50 for ETM. Data holdings concentrate on Southeast Asia, Central Africa, and the Amazon. TRFIC offers several versions (low and high resolution printable maps as well as raster data files) of deforestation data for these offers a searchable database of landsat holdings that include both TRIFC and USGS held images.
NASA Warehouse Inventory Search Tool (WIST)
The Warehouse Inventory Search Tool (WIST) is a web-based client to search and order earth science data from various NASA and affiliated centers. All land process DAAC data holdings are available via the WIST search and order interface. WIST replaces the EOSDIS Data Gateway (EDG).
USGS data server for several types of satellite imagery, aerial photography, and maps. It is faster and easier to navigate than the EROS data gateway, this is a great resource for new data. Landsat images typically sell for $425 while CORONA images are $14 for paper and $18 for film products.
Astronaut Photography
NASA gateway to access photographs acquired by astronauts starting in the early 1960's and photographs continue to be regularly taken from the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. These photos can be downloaded for free.
Africa Data Dissemination Service
This site hosts a variety of satellite image, digital map, and tabular data for the African continent. There are also a few different software tools available for download.
USGS Global Visualization Viewer
An easy to use interactive map viewer that can be used to browse and order a broad range of imagery including Landsat and ASTER data. Data can be viewed for most of the globe.
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA)
The NGA is a new government agency that replaced the National Image and Mapping Agency (NIMA). This is the place to go to download free public domain topographic map, vector, and image data that is maintained by the United States Department of Defense. Some of these data are classified for particular regions so global coverage is not available for all datasets.
Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing (CRISP)
A research center of the National University of Singapore. You can register for free to browse their catalog. They acquire and archive a broad variety of satellite data.
ESA Earth Observation Earthnet Online
Offers primarily European data and imagery from a variety of sensors. This site also holds several value added products and images reflecting current events.
Yale Center for Earth Observation
The Center for Earth Observation maintains an archive of Landsat TM and MSS, DEM , and other satellite image datasets for regions around the world. These data are apparently for students at Yale, however, it may be possible to arrange to have specific images copied.
This is a service provided by the University of New Hampshire and is currently free. They provide access to MODIS, Landsat, and IKONOS satellite data along with several thematic data layers.
MDA Federal (formerly known as Earthsat) GeoCover
This is a commercial site that provides access to a global archive of Landsat imagery that has been ortho -corrected. Most of these images are available for free from the GLCF (see link at the top of this list). A 30 meeter resolution global mosaic created from these images is available for free from the GLCF and the NASA MrSid GeoCover site listed below. EarthSat also has a 15 meter resolution global mosaic and a land cover product based on Landsat data from 1990 and 2000 available for sale.
MrSid GeoCover Landsat TM images
This is a site maintained by NASA that provides easy access to a nearly global mosaic of Landsat TM imagery acquired around 1990. The mosaic only has 3 bands and it has been contrast stretched to produce a visually appealing product for large areas.
SPOT Vegetation products
This site provides free access to SPOT VEGETATION ten-day composites. This dataset has a 1km resolution and is useful to study vegetation over large regions.
Free Data for Canada
This is a good site for downloading varied data layers for Canada. They maintain a sizable archive of Landsat images. Data can be downloaded free of charge.
Terraserver provides easy access to aerial photography acquired over the United States as well as USGS 1:24,000 topographic maps. Appropriate photography can be found simply by entering the name of a town or by providing a street address. A tutorial to import these photographs into a GIS or remote sensing software package is available from the USGS.
Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium
The MRLC offers date Landsat imagery and associated land cover maps for the United States. The Landsat imagery was acquired in the early to mid-1990's and close to the year 2000. The Landsat images can be purchased for $45.