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Interactive tools to help illustrate basic remote sensing concepts. These tools are integrated into the Guides section of the Remote Sensing Resources site.

Multispectral Feature Space Interactive
A Java interactive designed to help teach the basic concepts of what feature space is and how it is used in image classification

Interactive developed by Roberto Garcia Yunta, Peter Ersts, and Ned Horning

Landsat Feature Identification Key
The Landsat feature identification key is a guide to interpreting land cover, based on available Landsat TM and ETM+ data.
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Band Combinations
The Band Combination interactive tool allows you to change MODIS, ASTER and LANDSAT images by controlling which bands make up the image.
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Red, green and blue color mixing
This interactive tool shows how red, green and blue light are combined to create different color pixels on a computer monitor.
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Topography Effect
This tool displays the effect of topography on radiance measured by a satellite sensor.
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Comparing scale
Compare the scale of Modis, Landsat, and IKONOS imagery with this magnification tool.
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Spectral curves and sensor bands
This interactive tool illustrates how different sensors measure the intensity of different wavelengths of light.
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Land cover map/image comparison
Interactively compare the the similarities and differences between a Landsat satellite image and a landcover map derived from the that image.
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What a sensor sees
This interactive tool displays how the value of an image pixel is determined by the sensor.
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Image footprint comparison
This interactive tool highlights the amount of area or "footprint" that several different satellite images acquire.
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